The Durban Comedy Invasion…Viral Video

Another thing im into and actively pursue as a career, among the other things, design, illustration, tattooing and stripping is Comedian, here is our viral video for a tour we will do in early July. I did the graphics obviously, starred in the short as “Dusty “Black Ace” Rich” reference to a tattoo i have. The pyrotechnic stuff, cinematography and story boarding was also my duties aswell as kicking ass on a local beach…here’s the tube vid:

Illustrations that last forever…

Here are a couple illustrations that turned into tattoo’s, Yeah! That’s also one of the mediums of art i work in. Sorry for the watermark but the internet is full of stealers!

Tattoo Design based on a poem.

Samurai takes on a massive snake...i dont know who won

Crazy half skeleton snake goes for a big bite, venomus spit too...scary

Be carefull stoners your brain might fly design

The corporate monster, tie wearing designLady with a design

The infernal heart machine, steam-punk design

Shes a crafty one

Every monkey should have a mohawk...tshirt design

Nature design